• Bulk Liquid Tankers
  • Interstate carrier
  • Step Deck Flatbeds
  • Oversize
  • Over Dimensional
  • 48’ and 53’ trailers
  • Power only
  • Load Tracking
  • ELD Compliant

Bar S Logistics, Inc. is a small trucking company near Abilene TX.   We have 48’ and 53’ step deck flatbeds and can provide power-only services as well. We have bulk liquid tankers available.  Do you have your own trailers but no trucks or just not enough trucks to go around? (trailers must be DOT compliant).   Do you have oversize and over-dimensional loads?   Call us with the details and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate you.   Our experience with Wind energy, Pipelines, Crane moves and general freight will be at your service.   We provide transportation solutions that are tailored to your needs.   We don’t have a one size fits all approach to moving your freight.   We pride ourselves on service.   When you call, tell us exactly what you need and we will be glad to accommodate you, and if we can think of a way to make it easier or save you some money we will do everything to make that happen.   Do you have a load that is time sensitive?   Give us a call, if we can get it there in the time frame allowed, we will get right on it and if we can’t we will tell you upfront that we can’t.   Your freight and your customers are important to you and to us.   We know that unhappy customers and late freight don’t get return calls for business.   Please call us and let us know what we can do for you.